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Strategy and organizational development

We assist public sector in realizing their social mission in a rapidly changing world.

Society faces complex challenges such as the green transition, growing economic inequality, globalization and digital transformation. The population expects seamless and customized public services that are available when needed, at the same time as the public sector is facing increased expectations of efficiency and benefit realization. These development trends require new ways of managing and developing, and for a public sector designed for stability and predictability, it can be challenging to adapt. A world characterized by increased uncertainty and complexity requires both the continual acquisition of new knowledge and faster decision-making processes.

Menon offers advisory services based on deep insight into public management policy and the organization of public sector in combination with strong methodological expertise and up-to-date research. We help organizations within the public sector to understand the need for change, set the level of ambition and direction and design governance models that ensure both efficient resource utilization and innovation. This means that we primarily work with organizational evaluations, strategic analyses, strategy processes and strategy operationalization.

We put great emphasis on developing a solid knowledge base which, together with well-designed processes, gives our customers a new understanding. Our goal is to contribute to knowledge-based processes with a real impact on the way public sector organizations handle governance and development.

Contact persons

Renate Enemark Bergersen

Partner +47 918 36 805
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Sveinung Fjose

Partner (+47) 99048378
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Address: Sørkedalsveien 10 B, 0369 Oslo