Sjømat bilde


The seafood industry is about to become one of Norway’s largest and most important industries. Menon follows developments in the sector closely and provides regular analyses of value creation in the industry.

Our analyses within the seafood sector range from value creation and ripple effect analyses of individual segments of the industry to cost-benefit analyses of public policy instruments, competition analyses, evaluations and analyses of future prospects.

We carry out regular analyses of the seafood industry’s significance for the Norwegian economy on both national and regional level. Menon has a complete population of companies within the seafood industry, covering fisheries, fish farming, equipment suppliers and sales activities. We use this population to gain insight into employment, value creation, ownership situation and productivity in the industry as a whole, individual segments and different geographic regions.

In addition to documenting historical developments in the individual segments of the industry, we analyze the future prospects of the seafood sector. We also analyze the ripple effects created by the industry on a national and regional level with the help of our models ITEM and NOREG.

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