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Kultur og kreative næringer bilde

Culture and creative industries

The creative industries are a relatively new concept in the Norwegian economy. The significance of these industries for society as a whole goes way beyond the creation of jobs and added value, and they play an important role for the residential attractiveness of regions.

Within the framework of the Norwegian economy as a whole, the creative industries are a small sector. One reason for this is that many artistic and cultural communities do not perceive themselves as industry players with a clear goal of creating growth and profitability. Often, other factors than profit are the real driving force behind the business. Parts of the industry also have a certain social responsibility and are subject to different earnings and profitability requirements than the rest of the Norwegian business and industry sector. An investment in the creative industries is often actively used in order to strengthen a region’s attractiveness, thereby creating economic growth and profitability for other industries. At the same time, the industry is evolving constantly, one major driver being game development and ongoing industrial change towards digital creativity.

Menon has a close cooperation with the Centre for creative industries at BI Norwegian Business School:

Within the creative industries, we have carried out assignments related to:

  • The industries’ significance for individual Norwegian regions and the regional economy
  • The creative industries’ role in the Norwegian economy – status and development
  • Joint destination development based on what the creative industries and the tourism industry have to offer to visitors
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