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About us

Menon is an employee-owned consultancy operating at the interface of economics, politics and the market. We are 70 economists, one fourth of whom at PhD-level.

Menon analyzes economic issues and provides advice to companies, organizations and authorities. We combine economic and commercial expertise in fields such as industrial organization and competitive economy, strategy, finance, organizational design and social profitability. We use research-based methods in our analyses and work closely with leading academics in most disciplines.

Menon’s analyses provide a solid knowledge foundation for investment decisions and prioritizations in the public sector. We also have a framework agreement for the quality assurance of major public investments (QA-scheme) with the Norwegian Ministry of Finance .

Over several years, we have continuously developed a database that contains financial statement and activity information for all enterprises in Norway and Sweden. This database covers nearly half a million companies and provides detailed information on profitability, growth, debts, exports, employment and ownership. Menon is thus uniquely positioned to conduct analyses of competitiveness, profitability, growth and financial structure of businesses, corporations and industries.

Services we offer include:

  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Competition assessments
  • Analyses of public spending and revenues
  • Macroeconomic analyses
  • Analyses of industrial organization and regional economy
  • Evaluations
  • Value creation and ripple effect analyses
  • Strategic advice
  • Presentations, workshops and facilitation of strategy processes

Menon was named Consultancy Firm of the Year 2015 by the magazine Kapital and Konsulentguiden. Earlier winners of this award include First House and Boston Consulting Group. The award is based on our outstanding ability to source and utilize relevant data and to communicate our findings clearly and concisely in our reports and presentations.

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Phone: +47 909 90 102
Address: Sørkedalsveien 10 B, 0369 Oslo