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Well-functioning financial markets are a precondition for economic growth and efficient allocation of society’s resources.

Menon’s team combines solid knowledge of financial theory and a detailed understanding of economic issues with top expertise within empirical methods and industry-specific insight. This enable us to deliver financial analyses of high quality to both market players and authorities.

Examples of services we deliver:

  • Investment analyses at firm level including calculations of net present value based on risk-weighted returns
  • Investment analyses on sector level including the effects of changes in the level of company and wealth tax
  • Effect studies of regulatory changes
  • Evaluation and design of public sector funding programs
  • Market analysis of capital structures in Norwegian industries
  • Analyses of key figures and benchmarking of portfolio companies for investment funds or corporate customers for financial institutions
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Phone: +47 909 90 102
Address: Sørkedalsveien 10 B, 0369 Oslo