Fornybar energi bilde

Renewable energy

Renewable energy has long been associated with hydropower as the most important energy source. New climate targets have opened up possibilities for the development of technology to exploit other sources of clean energy, which has led to the establishment of new companies, added value creation and employment.

The business and knowledge communities associated with renewable energy conduct a large number of activities that reach far into other industry clusters in Norway. The Norwegian market is limited, while the market for renewable energy is international. New business therefore most often originates from companies and business communities that invest intensively into the production of expertise, competence and R&D. Norwegian successes within renewable energy have most often sprung out from companies that have managed to develop an international perspective.

Within renewable energy, Menon has worked on assignments such as:

  • Mapping of the industry’s status and development in the Norwegian economy
  • Development of strategies for growth and profitable business development
  • Evaluation of existing public policy instruments and design of new programs
  • The industry’s significance in individual Norwegian regions
  • How regulatory changes contribute to the development of new clean technologies
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