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Olje og gass bilde

Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is an important driver for the Norwegian economy. Menon is a recognized expert environment for the industry and has detailed knowledge about the industry’s scale, significance, historical development and future prospects.

Menon has long experience with analyses of the oil and gas industry, and detailed insight into the industry’s development, future prospects, regulatory issues and relevant public policy instruments. Our unique proprietary company database and statistical population from petroleum-related business and industry segments enable us to provide unique analyses of the industry’s contribution to the Norwegian economy for both the current situation and the future.

We have contributed to a better knowledge of the industry through a long series of assignments for both the private and the public sector. We provide recommendations for strategic decisions for individual companies, regions, industry associations and governments.

Our experience with industry analysis includes:

  • Trends and future prospects within the industry
  • Value creation analyses – for the industry as a whole, for specific regions, clusters and individual segments
  • Ripple effect analyses – for individual petroleum fields, companies, the opening of new areas and the industry as a whole
  • Analyses of the industry’s internationalization and exports
  • Evaluations of public policy instruments targeted at the industry
  • Cost-benefit analyses of initiatives and requirements in the industry
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