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We carry out socio-economic analyses for government agencies and leading businesses in Norway.

Menon is one of Norway’s leading expert communities within socio-economic analyses. We can assist with everything from simplified impact assessments to comprehensive cost-benefit analyses of large investments. The main purpose of the analyses is to identify, systematize and present the impacts of measures and reforms in order to enable informed decisions. To ensure that the desired benefits are actually realized, we also assist our clients with the development and implementation of benefit realization plans.

Our employees are highly qualified economists, heavily involved in research and developing new methodology. We have developed a number of advanced models and tools, written multiple sector guidelines and we have market- leading expertise in valuing nature and environmental goods. This enables us to analyze complex issues with high quality. All analyses are based on economic theory and empirical analyses.

Menon has been awarded several framework agreements with ministries and larger organizations.

Contact persons

Magnus Utne Gulbrandsen

Partner (+47) 98602780
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Heidi Ulstein

Managing partner (+47) 47279843
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Phone: +47 909 90 102
Address: Sørkedalsveien 10 B, 0369 Oslo