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The retail industry is the biggest sector in the Norwegian economy in terms of employment, with more than 370 000 employees. The 72 000 individual enterprises within the sector represent a wide specter of different industries.

Menon carries out analyses of the sector’s value creation and ripple effects both locally and nation-wide. We also analyze very large data sets on the product line and store levels, for example in connection with market and competition analyses.

We offer:

  • Retail analyses (coverage in local markets etc.)
  • Competition and market analyses
  • Analyses of product selection
  • Analyses of e-commerce
  • Analyses of the impact of shopping centres on the retail trade in the surrounding areas
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Erland Skogli

Partner (+47) 41462142

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Phone: +47 909 90 102
Address: Sørkedalsveien 10 B, 0369 Oslo