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Menons economic analyses provide robust conclusions that are verifiable and communicated in a clear manner. All our analyses are based on current official guidelines, economic theory and empirical analyses.

Economic analyses are becoming more and more important in political decision-making processes. The main purpose of these analyses is to clarify, illustrate and systematize the impact of policy measures and reforms in order to facilitate informed decisions.

Menon conducts a wide range of economic analyses in different areas and on different topics for both private and public actors every year. Our experts are also continuously working on method development. This enables us to constantly improve the quality of our analyses of complex issues, also in fields that are new to us.

We have a framework agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Finance on quality assurance of major public investment projects. Other framework agreements include the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB), the Norwegian Maritime Authority and the Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency.

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