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About Menon Research

Menon works on method development and R&D projects in a number of areas of economics for companies, organisations and authorities. The projects are conducted for the authorities, Norwegian Research Council, Nordforsk, EU and companies and organisations. Menon’s research activities often arise from the needs of private and public actors for new knowledge. At the same time, we contribute through this work to further develop the methods and generate new knowledge, without the aim of direct commercial use. In this way, Menon’s policy analysis and research projects are mutually enriching and ensure broad relevance and benefit to society.

Among Menon’s employees, there is about a quarter with a doctorate, several with a senior researcher or professor competence. In addition, Menon has several associate employees who are professors, and associated Master and PhD students from various universities. We also have extensive collaboration with other researchers in Norway and internationally.

Menon’s staff publishes regularly in national and international peer review journals in the field of economics and interdisciplinary themes. Several of Menon’s employees are former editors of the journal of the Norwegian Association of Economists, Samfunnsøkonomen.

On this website, research publications and other research news from Menon’s are presented.

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Phone: +47 909 90 102
Address: Sørkedalsveien 10 B, 0369 Oslo