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Menon Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics


Be the leading centre of competence in Norway within the area of decision-relevant environmental and resource economic analysis, research and consultancy.


What we do

Menon Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics (MERE) works in the area of economic analysis of policies, programs and projects that affect important public goods such as climate and the environment, nature, health and cultural heritage. Central to this work is the use of methods to quantify, assess and value the contribution of such goods to people’s welfare. An important aim is to improve the foundations for public and private decision-making by including knowledge of the complete range of impacts of different alternatives in a coherent way, for example within a cost-benefit analysis framework. We also work to evaluate and design policy instruments that can achieve targets that balance costs and benefits in a good way.

MERE cooperates broadly and with many disciplines and has ongoing project activities within most sectors, including transport, oil and energy, trade and commerce, forestry, agriculture, tourism, health, natural resource management and cultural heritage. Thematically MERE works with questions within climate, biodiversity and ecosystem services, health and environment, development and environment, climate adaptation and behavioural issues.

We also have extensive cooperation internationally and have a number of ongoing environment and development projects in developing countries.


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