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The main point of a strategy process is to prioritize between different alternatives. In our experience, our clients benefit from an outside view in this type of processes. Menon offers the support of experienced consultants and knowledge-based strategy consulting for enterprises, organizations, clusters, industries and regions. 

The main objective of a strategy process is to find feasible solutions to specific challenges in order to be able to achieve the goals that have been set. A strategic decision is just as much about choosing away some options as it is about opting for certain alternatives – in other words, a decision on how to prioritize. A good strategy should also have a unifying effect and provide the organization with a clear direction that makes it easier for the individual employee or member to make decisions in their daily work.

Menon offers knowledge-based strategy consulting for companies, organizations, clusters and regions. We optimize methodologies and tailor our analyses according to our clients’ needs and objectives. We combine strategic and economic analyses with data from many different sources, such as Menon’s project portfolio, external sources and quantitative and/or qualitative surveys. We offer senior experts as sparring partners and provide general process facilitation without the need to commit to a big and expensive team. Project references from different industries are available on request.

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