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Transportation and infrastructure

Investments in transport and infrastructure are of key importance for the development of the Norwegian society and economy. Menon is Norway’s leading provider of productivity analyses for these investments.

Menon’s analyses of the transportation and infrastructure sector include value creation analyses for industry segments, competition analyses, evaluations and traditional cost-benefit analyses, econometric effect analyses. In addition, we are constantly developing and improving a comprehensive set of models.

We are interested in finding answers to questions such as:

  • Is it economically profitable to undertake a certain infrastructure investment?
  • How do infrastructure investments affect the productivity of business and industry?
  • How successful have major infrastructure investments been, looked at in hindsight?
  • How do major infrastructure investments, for example within transportation or ICT, affect economic activities and society as a whole?
  • Which regions/counties will be most affected by a specific project (in terms of value creation, employment and transport volume)?
  • What effects result from the investment impulses from development (short-term and long-term, divided into local, regional and national effects, and for individual industries)?
  • We have a framework agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Finance for the quality assurance of major public investments in the transportation sector.
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