Market and competitor analyses are becoming more and more complex as a result of industrial change, digitization and globalization. Menon has insight into competition situation and market dynamics for a range of different industries, and utilizes research-based methods its analyses.

Menon’s competition analyses are distinguished by the combination of a solid theoretical base and detailed empirical insight into markets and industries. In our empirical analyses, we use well-known econometric methods. We deliver research-based analyses within most areas of competition economics, such as:

  • Market and competition analyses, including analyses of diversion ratio and upward pricing pressure, model calculations and econometric analyses
  • Profit and loss calculations, for example in connection with compensation claims
  • Cost-benefit analyses, for example related to the impact of new regulation
  • Calculation of rates of return, for example related to the EEA’s regulatory framework and public support schemes
  • Analyses of ownership and group strategy, in connection with sales and acquisitions, value assessment and restructuring
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Erik W. Jakobsen

Erik W. Jakobsen

(+47) 97170466

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