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Menon provides regular macroeconomic forecasts for Norway as a whole and for the individual counties. We have also developed a long-term macroeconomic forecast model (NOREG) that allows us to study the effects resulting from different types of policy and economic shocks for the Norwegian economy.

Menon produces short-term and medium-term forecasts for the Norwegian economy as a whole and for each of the country’s counties. These forecasts are similar to those offered by the major national banks and Statistics Norway, but only Menon provides such forecasts on county-level, and for individual industries such as maritime, offshore, tourism, process and building and construction. Examples for such forecasts can be found in the business barometers for Norway’s six northernmost counties.

We have also developed a model for long-term macroeconomic forecasts (NOREG) which allows us to study the effects of different types of policy and economic shocks on the Norwegian economy. The model makes it possible to differentiate our forecasts to county-level, based on a model that utilizes information from our county-level national accounts. The model produces forecasts for the period up to 2060.

In addition, Menon has long experience with studies of productivity growth in different industries, both for the competitive and the sheltered industries. Our extensive research efforts within the study of innovation in both the private and public sectors are closely linked to the productivity theme and to general macroeconomic issues.

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