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Knowledge-based services

Knowledge-based services are a large and important industry which acts as a «lubricant» for change processes in both the private and the public sector. The sectors «professional, scientific and technical services» and «advanced business services» are important for other industries, but also in their own right they constitute one of the country’s biggest industries with close to 200 000 employees and a very high level of value added per employee.

Menon is one of very few expert environments in Norway that regularly analyze this industry, which we ourselves are a part of. We have carried out national, regional and industry-specific analyses of the legal, accounting and consultancy industries. Our proprietary database provides us with unique insight into the industry’s important role in the Norwegian economy. Our clients range from ministries to industry associations and individual companies.

We offer:

  • Value creation and ripple effect analyses (on national or regional level)
  • Analyses of the industry’s contribution as a knowledge provider for the public and private sector (productivity, innovation)
  • Tools and analyses in connection with market and competition analyses
  • Strategy consulting
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Erland Skogli

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