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Kaja Høiseth-Gilje

(+47) 40889399

Kaja Høiseth-Gilje is an economist who finalized her PhD-degree in economics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim in Spring 2013. Her thesis consists of econometric analyses related to drop-out rates in higher secondary school. During her doctoral studies, she also spent time as visiting scholar at Harvard University.

At Menon, Kaja specializes within evaluations and cost-benefit analyses. She has conducted several major evaluations, including an evaluation of a local climate initiative, Innovation Norway’s loan and guarantee schemes, Siva’s estate business and The National Programme for Supplier Development. Kaja has in-depth knowledge of the OECD’s evaluation framework and the execution and analysis of user surveys and impact studies. In addition, Kaja works with cost -benefit analyses and has led two major cost-benefit analyses for The Norwegian Coastal Administration, and a concept evaluation for electronic communication in the High North. She also works with econometric models and analyses which frequently are an important element in both impact evaluations and comprehensive cost-benefit analyses.

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