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Export Report 2024 – Executive summary

Menon has for the fourth consecutive year developed a knowledge base about Norwegian exports, namely the Export Report 2024. The discussion about Norwegian export often suffers from misunderstandings. This relates to how much Norway exports, who we export to and why export is so important for Norway and the Norwegian economy. The Export Report aims to create a factual, objective, and analytical foundation to contribute to a fact-based Norwegian export debate. We do this by reviewing how the development of Norwegian exports has been since 2000, what we export, who we export to, and which Norwegian regions that export the most.

In this year’s report, we have three different special topics. The first is Norway’s green export today and the export opportunities that exist. The second highlights the importance of Norwegian service exports, and the third focuses on the significance of cornerstone companies. In addition, in this year’s report, we have updated the key performance indicators (KPIs) we developed in last year’s report, to further assess the effect of the national export initiative.

Read the summary here.

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