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Heidi Ulstein

Managing Partner
(+47) 47279843

Heidi Ulstein is the Managing Partner in Menon. She holds an MSc in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, supplemented by additional studies in economics and law. Previosly she headed Menon’s team for cost-benefit analyses and evaluations, and she is a very experienced project manager. She is also responsible for Menon’s framework agreement on quality assurance with the Norwegian Ministry of Finance. In addition, she is a member of the editorial council for the Concept Research Programme.

Heidi has been responsible for a long series of projects, including an evaluation of the Norwegian Seafood Council, the ICT and transformation project PERFORM, and the ferry replacement project Finnfast. She has evaluated the development of costs between mandatory quality assurance milestones (KS1 and KS2) for four of Statsbygg’s building projects, and analyzed the productivity effects of major roadbuilding investments.

Heidi combines a focus on economics with issues related to finance, capital and ownership. Presently, she acts as quality assurer for the development of a methodological framework for cost-benefit analyses of financial market regulation, and an economic analysis of the capital adequacy rules for banks (Basel III).

Before she joined Menon, Heidi worked in Telenor Corporate Development (formerly Telenor R&I). From her time in Telenor, she has experience from several projects related to digital services and systems, mainly with a focus on regulation and competition analysis. Heidi has also been a trainee for the Norwegian ministries and spent five years working for the Norwegian Ministry of Finance.

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