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Kristoffer Midttømme

(+47) 99550272

Kristoffer Midttømme is an economist with a PhD focused on the strategic and game-theoretical challenges facing climate and environmental policy making, including competition economics. Through his doctoral work and several years as a lecturer in master’s courses in industrial economics, Kristoffer has developed a solid theoretical understanding of the challenges arising from various government interventions in the market, with a particular focus on firms’ strategic responses and adaptations to regulations. Through several years of helping clients as a consultant, Kristoffer has demonstrated his ability to translate this knowledge into relevant and applicable analyses for his clients, both public and private.

Kristoffer also has special expertise in economic cost-benefit analyses. In addition to having undertaken several analyses and served as the project lead on quality assurance assignments for the Ministry of Finance, Kristoffer has assisted the Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ) in developing the 2023 version of the guide for economic cost-benefit analyses and Oslo Municipality in developing their principles and guidelines for cost-benefit analysis of large municipal investment projects.

Kristoffer is a skilled communicator, having built this competence through many years of lecturing experience.

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