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Leo A. Grünfeld

Partner and Chairman / Research Director Menon
(+47) 41105133

Leo A. Grünfeld is Head of Research in Menon. He holds a master’s degree in applied economics from the University of Michigan (1992) and a PhD in economics from the University of Oslo (2003). He founded Menon in 2006 together with Erik W. Jakobsen. Grünfeld’s work covers a wide range of topics, from urban and regional economics, through entrepreneurship, innovation, investment and competent capital, to macroeconomics and public policy.

Grünfeld previously worked as an academic researcher at NUPI, Statistics Norway and BI, and has extensive experience as a macro economist in the financial sector (Carnegie). Grünfeld has published widely in academic journals and has served as managing editor for the journal published by the Norwegian Association of Economists (Samfunnsøkonomen). He is the author of books like “Hvem eier Norge” and “Norske interesser i utenrikspolitikken”.

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