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Øyvind Emanuel Fryjordet Vennerød

Senior Economist
+47 906 45 042

Øyvind has been with Menon since 2019 and holds a master’s degree the international QTEM network for quantitative analysis in economics and management, attained through studies in London, Amsterdam, Oslo and Brussels.

At Menon, Øyvind has specialized in complex, data-driven analyses. He has led and conducted numerous projects that utilize a range of techniques, from language models and machine learning to self-developed models tailored to address client needs. His portfolio includes projects for a diverse array of clients such as the European Commission’s DG Grow, the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Innovation Norway, the Irish Southern Regional Assembly, investment firms, Standards Netherlands, and many others.

A core focus for Øyvind is to ensure that the results of these analyses are easily comprehensible. He consistently aims to create effective visualizations that present information in a precise and accessible manner. A picture can say more than a thousand words, and well-crafted visualization can say even more than that.

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