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Startups and Scaleups in the Oslo Region – 2022

On behalf of Oslo Business Region, Menon Economics has identified startups and scaleups in the Oslo region. The report highlights startups’ and scaleups’ societal contribution to employment and value creation in the region.

The report shows that the Oslo Region is home to 1886 startups, a reduction of five percent from 2019. Of these, 275 are identified as capital and R&D intensive and are considered to have high growth potential. Furthermore, we find 196 scaleups, an increase of eight percent since 2019.Startups and scaleups in the Oslo region employ 15,400 people and have a value creation of NOK 13 billion, which accounts for two percent of value creation in Oslo. Startup and scaleups accounted for 12 percent of net job growth in the Oslo Region since 2011.

The report can be downloaded here.

Contact in Menon: Per Fredrik Forsberg Johnsen

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