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Tom O. Kleppestø, b. 1966, holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

During and after his studies, he worked as administrative manager at Centre for International Economics and Shipping (SIØS), before he moved on to NHH Executive and worked with executive programmes such as PRIDE and MASTRA. He later became director of SNF Business Development at NHH.

After a total of 12 years at NHH, he worked as co-founder and editor of Gründer, the Norwegian entrepreneurship magazine, for a couple of years, before joining Hartmark Consulting AS. In 2006 he started his own management consultancy company, working for clients like the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association and Finance Norway. As a management consultant, Tom has worked with several prestigeous programmes, such as women in boards (Female Future, 2004-2005), women in finance (Futura, 2006-2012) as well as with attracting young talents to the maritime industry (Maritime Trainee, 2004-2017). He also developed a top executive programme, Marex (Maritime Executive Program, 2011-2016), for the maritime industry together with Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE), ranked as the world’s No 1 in tailor-made programmes by both Financial Times and Business Week. This unique and global programme was run by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association for altogether three cohorts with Tom as project leader.

Through his consultancy firm Tom also holds the part-time positions as General Manager for Shipping & Offshore Network (formerly Bulkforum) since 2008 and as Secretary to the Board of Oslo Shipowners’ Association since 2010.

Tom has been on the board of Econa (Norwegian Association for Masters of Economics and Business Administration) for several years, he was chairman 2011-2015. He also was on the board of Akademikerne (The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations), representing Econa, in 2012-2014. Furthermore, he has been involved in the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights in Bergen since he was a student; both as a board member for 20 years and since 2008 chairman and co-founder of the Rafto Prize Fund. Lastly, Tom is chairman and co-founder of the Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Oslo.


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