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Christine Mee Lie

Senior Economist
+47 41 20 30 32

Christine Mee Lie has been employed by Menon since February 2019. She is a social economist and completed her PhD at the Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK) at the University of Oslo in the spring of 2018. The dissertation consists of 4 articles in which econometric analysis dominates, and focuses on green growth and innovation with South Korea as a case. Christine had two research stays at the Korea Development Institute (KDI) and participated in several international conferences in Asia. She has received a research grant from the Korea Foundation (KF) and has won a prize for the best PhD paper at the ASIALICS conference in 2014. She has good insight into the use of various qualitative and quantitative methods and techniques, and has worked with a number of different data types.

Christine comes from a position as advisor in the Ministry of Knowledge (KD). Here, Christine has gained good insight into research and innovation policy issues and the Norwegian policy instrument. She has worked on issues related to climate and the environment, the “green shift”, the sea and increased innovation in the business sector – as well as the revision of Norway’s long-term plan for research and higher education. She has experience from working in the OECD Committee for Research and Technology Policy (CSTP), with the publication “The Research Barometer” and the organization of the ministries’ research committee (DFU). Christine has been in the expert groups for the evaluation of the Tax Discoveries and the evaluation of centers for research-driven innovation (SFI), and has worked with calls for proposals and the allocation of external analysis assignments.

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