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Gjermund Grimsby
Partner and teamleader
(+47) 92643838

Gjermund Grimsby is an economist with a doctoral degree from the University of Oslo, and a master’s degree from the University of Oslo, UC Berkeley and Humboldt University of Berlin. Gjermund has experience with a wide range of financial and economic issues in several different areas, such as corporate taxation, financial market regulation, capital markets, productivity analyses and cost-benefit analyses.

While working at Menon, Gjermund has written a thesis on competent capital supported by the Norwegian Research Council. In the course of this work, he has specialized in quantitative economic analysis, including a number of econometric techniques. Gjermund has earlier work experience from the capital markets department at the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, working on regulations related to asset management within insurance companies and pension funds, financial stability and frameworks for equity certificates in savings banks.

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