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Female entrepreneurship in the Nordics 2020 – a comparative study

Female entrepreneurship in the Nordics 2020 – a comparative study

Menon Economics has on behalf of Nordic Innovation written a report on female entrepreneurship in the Nordics. In the report, we investigate the current entrepreneurial landscape in the Nordics, using data from the statistical agencies in the Nordics and Bureau Van Djik. Even though the Nordic countries are viewed as forerunners on gender equality, far fewer women than men are starting businesses. Also, even though the Nordics are considered to be culturally similar, there are clear differences in the share of female entrepreneurs across the Nordics.

In the study, we provide an overview of factors that may help explain this, looking both at personal characteristics and preferences of the entrepreneurs, and structural factors outside the independent entrepreneurs’ control. The study is concluded with measures to stimulate female entrepreneurship, related to role-models and networks, access to external financing, and competitive disadvantages in industries where women start businesses.

Språk: English
År: 2020
Forfatter: Leo A. Grünfeld, Sigrid Hernes, Erika Karttinen

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