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Menon Economics helps the OECD evaluate judicial performance in Portugal and Mexico.

Menon Economics has been selected by the OECD to provide methodological and analytical support to two ongoing projects in the justice sector.
The first project is relative to the enforcement of commercial and mortgage contracts in the states of Mexico, and consists in reviewing a biennial study conducted by the Asociación de Bancos de México (ABM) on this topic since 1998, with a view to identifying avenues for consolidating the study’s methodological approach and broad policy directions for reform to strengthen state-level judiciaries. The role of Menon in the project is primarily to develop an analytical framework for evaluating the effectiveness of mortgage and contract enforcement; propose a discussion of the impact of mortgage and contract enforcement on socio-economic outcomes; assess the ABM study’s methodology and make recommendations for its improvement; and provide strategic advice to the OECD team.
The second project scrutinises a bundle of judicial reforms undertaken by the government of Portugal, in particular in the context of a pilot project conducted in the region of Sintra. In partnership with the Portuguese Ministry of Justice, the OECD undertakes an analysis of the project and its impact, articulated with a broader examination of the judiciary (including the court system, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and other legal services). Menon contributes to this work by a study on the design, implementation and results of the Sintra pilot project, a cost-benefit analysis of the reforms and their possible extension to the rest of the country, and targeted recommendations on how to best carry out and evaluate such an extension.
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